General Info

Any current undergraduate or postgraduate student from any university in Australia is welcome to submit. To prove you are a university student, you must attach your student number to your submission.

We accept prose, poetry, and visual art! Please check our guidelines before submitting any of these. 

While submissions are open, there will be a submittable link in the Submission Guidelines tab where you can send through your work. 

Yes! You can submit up to 2 pieces for prose and visual art, and up to 4 pages of poetry (made up of either one poem, or several pieces)! 


If we like your work, we’ll publish it! Unfortunately, because CREATURE is run on a volunteer basis, we can’t offer any payment for publishing. 

Sure thing! We do prefer work that fits the theme of each issue, but good work is good work!  


We have quarterly issues! 

You can withdraw your submission via submittable, just click ‘withdraw’.

Poetry Guidelines

No more than 4 pages. This can be one poem, or several pieces. Indicate when each piece ends. Ensure all poems are on one document. 

Prose guidelines

Not more than 2000 words.

You must have copyright.

We will consider reprints.

Visual Arts Guidelines

Only 2 submissions please ensure your pieces are in one document.

As listed in the FAQs good work is good work regardless of if it doesn't exactly match up with the theme. However for this category we do prefer that your pieces fit the theme for the issue. But don't worry if it doesn't, there's still a good chance it could be featured.

Any art media can be used i.e. digital, photography, painting, etc.  

Application Submission rules

Must be an undergraduate, post graduate or alumni university student in and Australian university. Please provide your student number and ensure that it is clear and visible.

Do not put your name on your piece only on the submission page.

You can submit up to two pieces whether that be prose and prose or prose and poetry or poetry and visual art etc.

Submissions must be no more than 2,000 words. 

Submissions must be double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman.