A link to the imagination, a gateway to artistic expression

A link to the imagination,
a gateway to artistic expression

// creative works of fantasy and science fiction //

VA Bea Creature Feature 3 2

Issue 02

Creature was born out of a desire to promote the creative works of fantasy and science fiction that have gone previously underrepresented in other larger submission programs. Born out of a meeting between five young artists, Creature was envisioned as a way for creatives of all stripes and colours to have a chance to get their work published and reviewed. The theme for issue two is ‘Parasite.’ The committee have chosen this because it invokes rich narratives of invasion, dependency, and transformation, resonating deeply with psychological and societal fears that are perhaps more easily digestible when represented in speculative fiction.


Whether you enjoy Asimov or an Adams, we hope you’ll find something out of this world to keep you entertained here.

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Looking for a bit of Dragon action or a touch of Twilight? Read on for some peckish treats in High fantasy, Low fantasy, Urban fantasy, Magic realism and more.



Sci Fi and Fantasy combine in this eclectic prose section.

Synthetic dogs

Synthetic Dogs

The Rail-City Markets were a collection of sloppy biohackers, genetically modified safe-dogs, and your run-of-the-mill scammers…

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parasite prose


Amy stared across the cold and dark lake, her ice blue eyes straining against the dim light as a dense white fog drifted above the still waters…

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Speculative fiction poetry offers so much to blow your mind. Read on for a major buzz.

Love concrete hero

Love concrete

It was never that weird she swears. Every morning she walked past the mural,
the painter gradually drew the woman out of the wall…

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Timber and feathers, and the world’s greatest mind. How could he have known the danger of all these combined?…

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We are currently welcoming submissions from both undergraduate and postgraduate students in Australia in the creative writing field for the chance to be featured. 

The publication of stories will occur quarterly with first date to be set once website created.

There will be 18 pieces published each quarter.

  • Undergraduate pieces (9 – 4/5 poetry and 4/5 prose)
  • Postgraduate pieces (9 – 4/5 poetry and 4/5 prose)
  • Poetry – Maximum 4 pages?
  • Prose – Maximum 2000 words

The theme for Issue three is ‘Framed’.

Works not pertaining to this theme will still be considered for publication.

Submissions for Issue three will open on 1 May and close on 30 June, 2024. 

We look forward to welcoming speculative fiction submissions from both undergraduate, postgraduate and alumni students in Australia for the chance to be featured.

Submitters can submit two submissions per writing topic and one visual arts submission.

  • Submissions must come from students currently participating in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.
  • Submissions must be no more than 2,000 words for prose and four pages for poetry.
  • Submissions cannot be judged if the submission does not come from a post or undergraduate student.
  • Submissions must have a student number and date attached for verification purposes.
  • Submissions must be double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman.
  • Submissions must be speculative fiction (fantasy and/or sci fi).
  • Your name must not appear on your submission only on the form.